Wednesday, March 5, 2008

let's build a tee pee, you and me

it looks like like our previously ignored upstairs room is finally going to get the attention it deserves! up until now, this lovely, sunny room has been little more than a repository for all the miscellaneous/homeless objects that no longer belong anywhere else in our newly appointed apartment. not for long! d and i are hatching a plan for a newly painted, rearranged, bright and sunny writing/reading/crafting room complete with a homemade tee pee built atop our folded-out futon. (inspired by none other than kelly r., of course!)

i have a feeling that this tee pee plan will face several revisions, but here's some of my research so far:

my mom lived in a tee pee once. when i was a kid, my favorite stories were those from her "tee pee years." hopefully ours will be done by the time she comes to visit at the end of the month - i haven't heard those stories in a while.

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laura.g said...

yeah! give that lady a gin and tonic! i want to hear about s.gulliver and those crazy teepee years, myself.