Thursday, March 13, 2008


so it looks like our tee pee is actually going to take the form of a tent. julia dropped off her sewing machine the other day, so d and i are now trying to decide on fabric. while i'm always suckered in by nubbly, bright, hefty, earthy fabrics, i think we're going to stick to white on white this time around. we're hoping to collect a bunch of different white-patterned fabrics to quilt up into one real special tent.

in the meantime, here are a few little beauties from throughout the ages:

president lincoln and mcclellan at antietam by alexander gardner, 1862

annie oakley's tent, late 1800's

clown tent, wisconsin, ca. 1875-1940

gypsy encampment, lyons, illinois, early 1900s

dancing in the recreation tent FSA (Farm Security Administration) agricultural workers' camp. Bridgeton, New Jersey. 1942

general patton's tent, 3rd army command, france, 1944

lady in a tent, 1960's

camping, 1970s

[our tent here.]

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